1. Preschool teachers
- Graduated from University of Pedagogy Preschool
- Communicative English
- Honest, enthusiastic, responsible for the work
Job description:
- Pre-school teachers
- Detailed work will be exchanged in the interview
Working time: Full Time
Requirements: Bachelor degree Science Teacher Preschool (required)
Location: District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Target / Quantity:
- Is working in a modern professional environment with adequate income.
- To benefit from the social insurance. Health insurance, unemployment insurance and other benefits under the provisions of current labor law.
- To improve the experience and improvement
Profile includes:
- Job application.
- The curriculum vitae describe the experience and work history
- ID card, household registration (photo evidence).
- Degree and certificates related (photo).
- 02 3x4 photos.
2. Assistant teacher - preschool INTERNATIONAL
Industry sector:
- Education / Training / Library
Location: District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
Job Description:
- For more information about the job information will be exchanged in the interview
- Work at International Preschool, District 7.
Minimum skills:
-Graduated from pre-intermediate teachers more
-1 Year experience in similar position.
-Priority teachers know English and has taught at international schools
-It looks, friendly, devoted to their profession.
Minimum Qualifications: Intermediate
Experience required: 1 year
Requirements Gender: Female
Type of Work: Employee
Salary: Negotiable
Other modes:
- Salaries agreement, according to ability
- Full welfare regime under labor law.
Profile requirements:
- The job application.
- Curriculum Vitae (detailed description of the process).
- Registration, identification (photo evidence).
- Health certificate.
- The relevant qualifications (photo evidence).
- 02 3x4 photos.
Industry: Education / Training
Location: District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Job description:
- Teaching English to students pre-school (4-5 years old)
To enjoy competitive remuneration according to ability and performance.
- Is working in a dynamic environment, friendly and professional
Experience & Skills: - Good health, good voice, standard English pronunciation.
- Desire to work stable, long-term.
- Graduated true specialized English teaching foreign languages.
- Dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate educator, love kids, have good communication skills (Preferred candidates with experience teaching young children).
Required education: Bachelor
Experience required: 0-1 years experience
Job Type:
- All details will be discussed during interview
Salary & Benefits: Negotiable.
Working time: Full-time Permanent
Profile includes:
- The job application.
- Curriculum vitae.
- Registration, identity card photo notarized.
- Health certificate.
- The relevant qualifications (notarized Photo).
- 02 3x4 photos.

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